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Favourite Books of 2017

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

2017 was a great year for Young Adult and New Adult Fantasy...

#1: Wintersong by S Jae-Jones

This book was everything. Growing up I was equal parts enchanted and terrified of the movie Labyrinth. Wintersong was inspired by this and German fairytales. I really love Germany, so it was nice to sink into the world. The story is about Liesl, who has heard tales of the Goblin King all her life. When her own sister is taken by the Goblin King, Liesl must journey to the Underground to save her. This is a chilling romance.

#2: The Scarecrow Queen by Melinda Salisbury

When I read the first book in this series, The Sin Eater's Daughter, I thought it was interesting but nothing special. The second book was so much better and it was topped again by the third. This is more of a dark fairy tale. In the first book, Twylla is the main character. She is a living goddess, who's very touch is enough to kill anyone. She lives with the royal family (who are immune) and performs executions. Everyone in the castle fears her, except her new guard who quickly becomes her friend. But the Queen has promised Twylla to her son, and will see any disobedience from her as treason. The second book was about a young woman named Errin who is trying to care for her sick mother. But her mother's sickness seems almost supernatural. I don't want to give anything else away but this book brings together Twylla's and Errin's stories in a gripping climax to the series.

#3: A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas

This is the 3rd installment in the A Court of Thorns and Roses, and though I didn't enjoy it as much as A Court of Mist and Fury, it was a tense read, with twists and turns and satisfying romance. I'm looking forward to future spin-offs.

#4 Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh

I picked this book up in a Works for £3 and I'm so glad. I loved Renee Ahdieh's The Wrath and the Dawn and was excited to read her new book. It's a historical fantasy, based on Japan, about Hattori, who survives an assassination attempt and disguises herself as a boy so she can seek revenge on the clan responsible. I definitely got Mulan vibes (I know it's not set in China) but it was also thrilling to read about such a brave character - I would be able to seek revenge on my assassins!

#5 Our Dark Duet by V. E. Schwab

This is the sequel to This Savage Song, a story about monsters and the humans that make them. Kate Harker is the daughter of a criminal boss. August Flynn is a monster who yearns to be human. The story is heartbreaking and not what you would expect. I cried after the ending.

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