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The Stone of Destiny

Set against a backdrop of Scottish myths and legends; follow the epic quest of a changeling, a selkie and a prince to find an ancient and powerful object, and save the kingdom.


Ailsa doesn’t believe in faerie tales, only the monsters in them. But, with the mark on her face, most people consider her one of them - a changeling. Her secluded life shifts when she rescues two selkies from bloodthirsty raiders. Now she must act as their guard as they travel to the capital and then, with the help of the Prince of Eilanmor, journey north to find The Stone of Destiny - the only object protecting them all from the evil faerie queen.

But all her life a malignant creature has stalked her through the forest. Can she find The Stone of Destiny before something wicked finds her?

The Stone of Destiny was published by Cranachan Publishing, under their Gobstopper Imprint, in October 2019.

The Cauldron of Life

Join the journey; discover your destiny.

Harris has been captured by the Faerie Queen and Ailsa must journey once again into the heart of Eilanmòr to rescue him.

But Ailsa is struggling with her newfound magic and the revelations about her real identity. Is the Faerie Queen Ailsa’s mother? Is everything she believed about her past a lie?

Meanwhile, a war is brewing between Heaven and Hell, with the world as the battleground. The lines between good and evil are blurring, and Ailsa must decide where she stands.

The Cauldron of Life was published by Cranachan Publishing, under their Gobstopper Imprint, in October 2020.

The Sword of Light

Get ready for battle…

With everyone still healing after their encounter with the faerie queen, Ailsa MacAra had hoped to spend time with her long lost brother. But something strange happened to Cameron in the land of the fae, revealing that the world is under threat. Wicked and powerful forces have come to Ossiana and there is only one way to stop it: find The Four Treasures and ready yourself for battle.

Relying on rumours and secrets, Ailsa and her friends are sent off to scour the kingdom for the mythical weapons: to the north, where tales of witches and monsters are told; to the faerie court, where the defeated faerie queen might be the key to their salvation; and to a remote village, where fae have been disappearing for years.

Now, with war brewing across the continent, they’re in a race against time to find The Four Treasures. But will the magical objects be enough to defeat a god?

The Sword of Light was published by Cranachan Publishing, under their Gobstopper Imprint, in October 2021.

Once Upon a Winter: A Folk and Fairy Tale Anthology

A shape-shifting spirit haunts a family in England during the depths of winter.
A woman must locate a snowflake for a magical trickster to save her frozen true love.
A witch knocks upon a young man’s door to take his life on Christmas day.
A small boy meets a faerie housed within a snow drop.

Once upon a time stories travelled from place to place on the tongues of merchants and thieves and kings alike. Under the blanket of night they were exchanged between children, and passed on to their children, and their children after them. Details were altered from one generation to the next until thousands of tales existed where once there were few.

In the spirit of these age-old stories comes Once Upon a Winter, a seasonal anthology of folk and fairy tales from 17 authors across the globe. It covers the Gothic, the romantic, the whimsical, the frightening and everything in-between, and features both intriguing twists on classic tales as well as original stories.

The first of four planned seasonal anthologies from Macfarlane Lantern Publishing, Once Upon a Winter is sure to have a story for just about everyone. Grab your copy in time for Christmas today!

In Progress

Twelve (Working Title)

Twelve brides, dressed in jewels and chains. Twelve gods, forgotten and wrathful. Twelve assassins, ready for revenge.

Neith hoped she could remain unremarkable until she could leave the Pharoah's cache of potential wives, but one foolish mistake piques his interest and she is forced to become one of his "Rainbow Brides". But the other wives are not all that they appear and Neith must uncover their secrets before her sister meets the same fate.

Twelve was my NaNoWriMo 2017 project. Originally in first person POV, I re-wrote the story in third person in Summer 2018. It is a retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses, my favourite fairy story. It is set in the same world as The Stone of Destiny, but in the country of Kemet (which is inspired by Ancient Egypt). You'll meet some characters, and some myths, from Eilanmor, as well Mirandelle, Visenya and Avalogne.

Neith had always been afraid of heights, but now she couldn’t help but consider leaping from the window across from her. 

From where she sat on the bed, the world looked like the model village she had seen when she first visited Raqote. She had marvelled at the tiny people and the colourful buildings, sitting like little cakes between the squares and streets. Now she turned from the image in disgust. The girl who had loved the new and wonderful delights of the capital had soon found the evil underneath the beauty.

Neith shook her head and gripped the silk bedspread between her hands. Everything was beautiful here; cultivated, pruned and tamed. From the peacocks parading around the palace grounds to the reflection that greeted her every day. It hadn’t bothered her much before, but now she wanted to rage and destroy everything that anyone dared call beautiful. 

She had tried to start with her own appearance last night, but before she could take the scissors to her hair like she had wanted, they had stormed into her room and restrained her. 

I should have known they were watching, she thought bitterly. They want to take special care of the pharaoh's new bride.

Gold (Working Title)

Here is my Twitter pitch for this book: A gang of treasure hunters travel from their home in the Wild West to Asia to find an ancient lost city. A bad ass MC, her mechanic cinnamon roll girlfriend, the guy who's a doctor-not-an-archaeologist (dammit, Jim), and a merc with no mouth, discover it was lost for a reason...

Gold is a New Adult Fantasy x Sci-Fi. My inspirations are Firefly, Star Trek, Zorro, The Mummy and Indiana Jones. Whenever I hear Rich by Marin Morris I think of my main character, Mireia Torres Velasquez.

The only thing that Mirella Torres Velasquez loved more than her 64-calibre Colt Widowmaker, was treasure.

Not money, mind you. Glittering jewellery. Precious gems. Gold.

The problem with growing up in the backwoods of Independence was that there was very little treasure to go around.

Vampires (Working Title)

A monster haunted 1950's Glasgow, and at the time, only the children of the city believed in it. Now, seventy years later, everyone has all but forgotten The Gorbals Vampire. Everyone, that is, except the descendants of those children, who have made it their mission to keep the monster out. 

Evie is just biding her time until she can go to university and actually find some friends she has things in common with. It's not her fault she is a huge fan of true crime and horror. But when she goes to take some pictures at Glasgow's Southern Necropolis for an art project, she awakens something that's long been sleeping. Now she must join forces with a gang of neds and thieves to hunt the monster and save Scotland.


This is a YA Contemporary Horror.

The newspaper screams a headline at me: Body Found In Search of Missing Teen. I can’t take my eyes away, even as I slot the bread into the toaster. My mum probably bought the paper on her morning dash to the corner shop and I know it’s not meant for me to read. Still, I can’t help sliding it closer as I wait for my toast and the kettle to boil. I’ve heard about this case. The victim is just a little younger than me, but I don’t know her. She went to school in the southside. That’s where Sally Sanderson was heading to when she went missing, over a month ago now. The school assumed she had been skiving, and hadn’t reported her absent till lunchtime. It had taken even longer for her mother to phone the police. She’d also assumed she was wandering around town all day so she waited until hometime. And she waited. And she waited. Finally, far, far later than she should have, she called to report her missing. The poor woman has been torn to shreds on the news since then. But really, how was she supposed to know that out of all the times her daughter had bunked off, this was the time when something bad had happened? There’s a big picture of the young girl plastered on the front page. A recent selfie. She’s pursing her lips and has her fingers in a peace sign. She could be one of the many girls in my year at school.

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