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The Stone of Destiny

My first novel, The Stone of Destiny, is a young adult fantasy story. 

Set against a backdrop of Scottish myths and legends; follow the epic quest of a changeling, a selkie and a prince to find an ancient and powerful object, and save the kingdom.


Ailsa doesn’t believe in faerie tales, only the monsters in them. But, with the mark on her face, most people consider her one of them - a changeling. Her secluded life shifts when she rescues two selkies from bloodthirsty raiders. Now she must act as their guard as they travel to the capital and then, with the help of the Prince of Eilanmor, journey north to find The Stone of Destiny - the only object protecting them all from the evil faerie queen.

But all her life a malignant creature has stalked her through the forest. Can she find The Stone of Destiny before something wicked finds her?

The Stone of Destiny was published by Cranachan Publishing, under their Gobstopper Imprint, in October 2019.

You can buy The Stone of Destiny from Waterstones, Amazon and Cranachan's website

In Progress

The Stone of Destiny 2 -
The Cauldron of Life

This will be the second part in the Four Treasures Series. 

I can't say much, except that it will be a continuation of the same story, with my main character Ailsa. 

I'm around 50% of the way through my first draft as of October, 2019.

Twelve (Working Title)

Twelve brides, dressed in jewels and chains. Twelve gods, forgotten and wrathful. Twelve assassins, ready for revenge.

Neith hoped she could remain unremarkable until she could leave the Pharoah's cache of potential wives, but one foolish mistake piques his interest and she is forced to become one of his "Rainbow Brides". But the other wives are not all that they appear and Neith must uncover their secrets before her sister meets the same fate.

Twelve was my NaNoWriMo 2017 project. Originally in first person POV, I re-wrote the story in third person in Summer 2018. It is a retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses, my favourite fairy story. It is set in the same world as The Stone of Destiny, but in the country of Kemet (which is inspired by Ancient Egypt). You'll meet some characters, and some myths, from Eilanmor, as well Mirandelle, Visenya and Avalogne.

I'm around 25% of the way through my first draft, but the book is on hold for now.

Gold (Working Title)

Here is my Twitter pitch for this book: A gang of treasure hunters travel from their home in the Wild West to Asia to find an ancient lost city. A bad ass MC, her mechanic cinnamon roll girlfriend, the guy who's a doctor-not-an-archaeologist (dammit, Jim), and a merc with no mouth, discover it was lost for a reason...

Gold is a New Adult Fantasy x Sci-Fi. My inspirations are Firefly, Star Trek, Zorro, The Mummy and Indiana Jones. Whenever I hear Rich by Marin Morris I think of my main character, Mireia Torres Velasquez.

This story is still in the plotting stages, but it is so much fun. 


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